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Publication name Author Description Journal Size (Mb)
UAB (University of Alabama and Birmingham) Pain Behavior Scale Richards JS Nepomuceno C   The UAB Pain Behavior Scale can be used to track the severity of chronic pain over time. This can help determine the level of pain control and to identify temporal associations that can influence management. The authors are from the University of Alabama   Pain   0.112  
Upper Extremity Functional Scale (UEFS) Pransky G Feuerstein M   Patient-completed questionnaire to measure impact of upper extremity disorders on function. It has 8 items, sleeping, writing, opening jars, picking up small objects, driving a car, opening a door, carrying a milk jug and washing dishes, scored on a 10 po   JOEM   0.058  
Upper Extremity Questionnaire unkown   A very extensive questionnaire considering multiple causes for Upper Extremity Problems developed by the University of Michican   unkown   0.674  
Upper Limb DASH Follow-Up Questionnaire John Ware   This questionnaire includes the SF-36 Standard Version 2.0 Health Survey   unkown   0.065  
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