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Publication name Author Description Journal Size (Mb)
Rehabilitation Activities Profile Coen, Jelles   Staff-completed multi-disciplinary functional assessment covering mobility, communications, personal care, occupation, and relationships. 2 level assessment, first: global, second: in-depth examination of any disabilities or handicaps identified. Patient-   unkown   0.504  
Radiographic Scoring of Subtalar Osteoarthritis Paley D Hall H.   The severity of subtalar arthritis can be graded based on the radiographic appearance   J Bone Joint Surg   0.06  
Rand Mental Health Inventory - Dutch Version unkown   The 37 measures in the mental health inventory are part of the 116 core measures of function and wellbeing from the Medical Outcomes Study, a two-year study of patients with chronic conditions.   unkown   0.127  
Rand Mental Health Inventory - English Version unkown   The 37 measures in the mental health inventory are part of the 116 core measures of function and wellbeing from the Medical Outcomes Study, a two-year study of patients with chronic conditions   unkown   0.116  
Rankin Scale for Stroke Disability Rankin J.   Rankin Scale for Stroke Disability (see also Modified Rankin Scale) Staff-completed 5-point scale measuring outcome in terms of disability and amount of assistance required   Scot Med J.   0.061  
Rapid Assessment of Disease Activity in Rhematologic Disease (RADAR) unkown   A brief self administered questionnaire, designed to provide valid, interpretable clinical information of patients with RA. The RADAR questionnaire contains five questions relevant to disease activity (arthritis activity today; arthritis activity over the   unkown   0.605  
Rapid Disability Rating Scale Linn MW.   Rapid Disability Rating Scale can be used to assess the level of patient disability especially in the elderly. It is useful for monitoring over time to see if the patient is improving stable or worsening   J Am Geriatric Soc.   0.129  
Rappaport Disability Rating Scale Rappport M Hall KM   Rappport et al developed a disability rating scale for patients who have had severe head injury with coma. This can help evaluate a patient's level of disability and monitor rehabilitation into the community. The authors are from the University of Califor   Arch Phys Med Rehabil.   0.135  
Rehabilitation Index Robinson HM Pass C Silverstein EH.   The Rehabilitation Index is a measure of the resources that a person has to aid in his or her response to injury and to be rehabilitated as much as possible   Arch Dermatol.   0.051  
Reintegration to Normal Living Index (RNLI) Wood-Dauphinee S Williams JI. Opzoomer A   Wood-Daughnee et al developed the Reintegration to Normal Living Index (RNLI) to evaluate the global function status of a patient during rehabilitation. The instrument can be used to evaluate the degree to which the patient has been able to return to a no   Arch Phys Med Rehabil.   0.062  
Relative Fracture Risk using Baseline Densitometry Values Cummings SR Black DM, Ettinger B Miller P McClung MR.   A patient's relative risk for fracture doubles for each 10-12% decrease in bone densitometry   Lancet   0.092  
Rheumatoid and Arthritis Outcome Score unkown   RAOS consists of 5 subscales; Pain, other Symptoms, Function in daily living (ADL), Function in sport and recreation (Sport/Rec) and knee related Quality of life (QOL). The last week is taken into consideration when answering the questions. Standardize   unkown   0.094  
Riley Infant Pain Scale Joyce BA Schade JG   The Riley Infant Pain Scale was developed at Riley Hospital for Children in Indiana. It is intended to assess pain in preverbal infants. It was adapted from the Pain Rating Scale used at Riley Hospital   J Pain Symptom Manage.   0.101  
Risk Factors for Death or Severe Disability in Comatose Patients Hamel MB Goldman L   The presence of certain risk factors in comatose patients shortly after the onset of coma is associated with poor outcome (severe disability or mortality) within 2 months. Patient evaluation is performed on day 3 after onset of coma   JAMA   0.085  
Risk Factors for Severe Postoperative Pain (Thomas) Thomas T Robinson C   Thomas et al identified risk factors associated with post-operative pain. This can help identify patients who may benefit from closer monitoring or more aggressive analgesic use. The authors are from Darlinghurst Australia   Pain   0.056  
Rivermead ADL Assessment Whiting, Lincoln, Edmans   Rivermead ADL Assessment   unkown   0.177  
Rivermead Mobility Index (RMI) Collen FM Wade DT   Staff-completed questionnaire to measure mobility disability after head injury and stroke. Comprises 14 questions (activities scored range from turning over in bed to running) and 1 direct observation of standing for 10 seconds. Each answer is scored Yes   Int Disabil Studies.   0.077  
Rivermead Motor Assessment (RMA) Collen FM Wade DT Lincoln N Leadbitter D. Sackley CM   Staff-completed scaled assessment divided into (1) 16 self-care activities, (2) 15 household items, sub-divided into cooking/shopping (9 items) and laundry and cleaning (6 items). Scoring based on cumulative model with hierarchical scaling, scored 1-3 poi   Int Disabil Studies.   0.063  
Rockport One Mile Walking Field Test Equation Kline GM Porcari JP   The Rockport Walking Test is a field test which involves the endurance walking of 1 mile over a level terrain. It provides a valid sub-maximum assessment for estimating maximum oxygen uptake. It was developed at the Department of Exercise Science of the U   Med Sci Sports Exerc.   0.098  
Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire (RMDQ) aka Roland Morris Activity Scale Roland M Morris R.   Patient-completed questionnaire consisting of 24 statements derived from the Sickness Impact Profile, with the addition of the phrase ""because of my back"". Covers a broad range of activities: mobility, self-care and sleeping. 24 items scored at 0 or 1.   Spine   0.078  
Rotterdam 9-item handicap scale Merkies ISJ Schmitz PIM   The Rotterdam Handicap Scale can be used to measure a patient's functional ability and level of handicap. This can be used to monitor a patient's status over time and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. The authors are from Erasmus University in   Muscle & Nerve   0.132  
Rowe grading system unkown   Measurement instrument for shoulder instability   unkown   0.015  
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