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Publication name Author Description Journal Size (Mb)
Lateral Ankle Sprain Score Jackson MD Moeller JL Hough DO.   A lateral ankle sprain may be graded based on the degree of damage to the ligaments. This can help separate athletes with minor injuries from those with more significant ones   ACSM's Essentials of Sports Medicine.   0.073  
Lee index unkown   Lee index   unkown   0.079  
Leipad       1.202  
Leisure Time Exercise Questionnaire Godin G Shephard RJ.   Godin and Shephard developed a simple questionniare to measure a person's leisure time exercise. It was designed to be reliable valid and easy to complete quickly without a need for detailed review. This can be used to monitor the impact of health and phy   Can J Applied Sport Sciences   0.053  
Lequesne Hip Score Lequesne M Mery C   Lequesne et al developed an index of severity for osteoarthritis for the hip (ISH). This can be used to assess the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.   J Rheumatol.   0.132  
Lequesne Knee Score Lequesne M Mery C   Lequesne et al developed an index of severity for osteoarthritis for the knee (ISK). This can be used to assess the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.   J Rheumatol.   0.132  
London Handicap Scale Harwood RH Rogers A   Patient-completed interval level postal questionnaire. Based on the ICIDH, it uses part utilities (a matrix of scale weights) relating to different levels of disadvantage for 6 dimensions, with a formula for combining these into an overall handicap score.   Quality in Health Care   0.114  
Los Angeles Prehospital Stroke Scale (LAPSS) Kidwell CS, Starkman S, Eckstein M, Weems K, Saver JL.   Los Angeles Prehospital Stroke Scale (LAPSS)   Stroke   0.127  
Low Back Outcome Scale Greenough and Fraser   Greenough and Fraser developed the Back Outcome Score (LBOS) scale for measuring functional outcome in a patient with low back pain. The authors are from Middleborough General Hospital in England and Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia.   Greenough CG Fraser RD. Assessment of outcome in patients with low-back pain. Spine. 1992; 17: 36-41 (Table 1 page 37).   0.149  
Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire (Roland and Morris) Roland M Morris R.   Roland and Morris developed a questionnaire for evaluating patients with low back pain. This can be used to determine the level of patient disability and can help measure outcome following therapeutic intervention. The authors are from St. Thomas' Hospita   Spine   0.078  
Low Back Pain Impairment Score (Waddell and Main) Macrae IF Wright V., Moll JH, Waddell G Main CJ.,   Waddell and Main developed a score for calculating impairment associated with low back pain. The authors are from the Western Infirmary in Glasgow Scotland.   Spine   0.099  
Low Back Pain Rating Scale (Manniche) Calin A. Manniche C Asmussen K   Manniche et al developed rating scale to evaluate patients with low back pain. The scale covers the 4 manifest components of back pain and was designed for monitoring outcome following therapeutic interventions. The authors are from several hospitals in D   Pain   0.128  
Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS) Binkley JM Stratford PW   Patient-completed questionnaire comprising 20 functional leg activities each scored on a five point ordinal scale, with 0 being impossible to perform and 4 being no difficulty. Scored out of a maximum of 80 to give a level of functional ability   Physical Therapy.   0.065  
Lower Limb Impairment from Amputation unkown   AMA criteria   American Medical Association.   0.09  
Lower Limb Impairment from Gait Derangement unkown   AMA criiteria   American Medical Association   0.073  
Lysholm Knee Scoring Scale Lysholm   Knee scoring scale by Lysholm     0.123  
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