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Publication name Author Description Journal Size (Mb)
Impairment due to Ankylosis of Toes unkown   Ankylosis of the toes can result in impairment due to derangement of gait and standing ability. The effect of the ankylosis depends on what position the toes are locked into   American Medical Association.   0.335  
Impairment due to Pelvic Fractures unkown   Fractures involving the pelvic bones can result in impairment to the individual depending on the site and nature of the injuries   American Medical Association   0.059  
Impairment in Ischaemic Heart Disease Alpern HL. Demeter SL Andersson GBJ Smith GM. McKirnan MD Froelicher VF. Skinner JS   Following a myocardial infarction a patient may be impaired by the level of exertion that he or she is able to tolerate. This may restrict the amount of work that the person is able to perform   American Medical Association   0.079  
Impairment Scale of Allen following Amputation or Injury of a Fingertip Allen MJ.   Allen evaluated outcome after fingertip injury or amputation using 14 measures of function or cosmesis. The author is from the Leicestershire Royal Infirmary in England   The Hand   0.074  
Impairment with Hand Injury unkown   Injury to the fingers results in impairment of both the hand and upper extremity. Injury may be in the form of amputation or in terms of percent function loss   American Medical Association   0.333  
Incapacity Status Scale / Environmental Status Scale (Kurtzke) Kurtzke JF.   Staff-completed scales: Incapacity Status Scale (16 items e.g. 'stair-climbing', 'psychic function', each marked 0-4), and Environmental Status Scale (6 items e.g. 'personal residence', 'community health services' each marked 0-5). Scoring not explained   Acta Neurologica Scandinavica.   0.064  
Independent Measure of Functional Capacity unkown   Independent Measure of Functional Capacity   unkown   1.355  
Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living Katz S Downs TD, Ford AB   The Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) is used to evaluate elderly and chronically ill patients for ability to perform essential life functions (bathing dressing going to toilet transferring maintaining continence and feeding). The   JAMA   0.069  
Infant Behavioral State Chappell PF Sander LW. Keefe MR Kotzer AM   The state of an infant's behavior can be determined by physical monitoring. Keefe et al adapted criteria for behavior from those given by Chappell and Sander. The primary authors are associated with Childrens' Hospital and the University of Colorado in De   Nursing Research   0.07  
Infant neuromotor assessment unkown   Infant neuromotor assessment   Journal of Physiotherapy   0.668  
Injury Impairment Scale (IIS) and Injury Disability Scale (IDS) States JD Viano DC.   The Injury Impairment Scale (IIS) and Injury Disability Scale (IDS) was developed to evaluate the impact of traumatic injury on a patient. The Injury Disability Scale can be estimated from the IIS based on the person's available resources and underlying c   Accid Anal & Prev.   0.167  
International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) unkown   A symptom index for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) was developed and validated by a multidisciplinary measurement committee of the American Urological Association (AUA). The final AUA symptom index includes 7 questions covering frequency, nocturia, we   unkown   0.058  
Irena Daily Activity Assessment unkown   Irena Daily Activity Assessment   unkown   1.949  
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