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Publication name Author Description Journal Size (Mb)
FAC - Functional Ambulation Categories unkown   Staff-completed tick box of 5 broad categories of walking ability: from independent walking outside to non-functional walking   unkown   0.264  
Facial Disability Index Brach JS VanSwearingen JM   Facial Disability Index for a patient with Facial Neuromuscular Dysfunction Patient-completed, disease-specific instrument assessing disability and related social and emotional wellbeing related to facial neuromuscular function. 10 questions with two pri   Physical Therapy.   0.078  
Fatigue Severity Scale for MS unknown       0.127  
Fear - Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire (FAB-Q) Waddell G Newton M   Patient-completed 16-item questionnaire aiming to measure and investigate the relationship between fear avoidance beliefs, chronic low back pain, and disability in physical activity and work   Pain   0.075  
Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire unkown   Female patient self-assessment questionnaire. 10 items assess physical, psychological, social and global well being. First item contains 10 sub items scored on a Likert format. The 2nd and 3rd items are scored on number of days affected by fibromyalgia an   unkown   0.251  
FIQ - Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire Burckhardt, C.S., Clark S.R., Bennett, R.M.   Developed in the same way as the HAQ and the AIMS. The questionnaire consists of three parts - 10 questions relating to activities involving large muscle groups, part 2 asks about number of "good days" and work absenteeism and part 3 about possibility to   Journal of Rheumatology.   0.014  
FIT - Frequency Intensity Time Index of Kasari Heyward VH Stolarczyk LM. Kasari D.   The FIT (Frequency Intensity Time) Index of Kasari can be used to evaluate a person's level of physical activity. The author is from the University of Montana   Human Kinetics   0.098  
FLACC Behavioural Scale for Postoperative Pain in Young Children Merkel SI Voeoel-Lewus T   The FLACC (Face Legs Activity Cry Consolability) Behavioral Scale can be used in young children, from 2 months to 7 years of age who had undergone a variety of elective surgical procedures. and who may not be able to accurately verbalize postoperative pa   Pediatric Nursing.   0.088  
Foot and Ankle Outcome Score unkown   Foot and Ankle Outcome Score (FAOS), English version LK1.0 FAOS consists of 5 subscales; Pain, other Symptoms, Function in daily living (ADL), Function in sport and recreation (Sport(Rec), and foot and ankle-related Quality of Life (QOL). The last week   unkown   0.043  
Frailty Scale Rockwood K Stadnyk K   A frailty scale based on the geriatric status scale can be used to rapidly assess an elderly patient for functional status. This can help identify those patients requiring specialized intervention.   Lancet   0.078  
Frenchay Activities Index (FAI) unkown   Disease-specific questionnaire completed by patient or relative assessing functional status. 15 items in 3 domains (domestic chores, leisure/work, and outdoor activities) - two of these domains being sex-linked therefore male and female scores are best co   unkown   0.121  
Functional Aerobic Impairment Franklin BA Gordon S Timmis GC. Rimmer JH.   Functional aerobic impairment (FAI) assesses the difference between a person's aerobic capacity with that expected based on age gender and usual activity level   Exercise in Modern Medicine   0.058  
Functional Improvement Measure Gottlieb H Strite LC   Gottlieb et al developed a functional improvement measure for patients with low back pain who were undergoing rehabilitation. This can help identify the level of change associated with the therapy. The authors are from Case Colina Hospital for Rehabilitat   Arch Phys Med Rehabil.   0.151  
Functional Score for Lateral Ankle Sprains de Bie RA de Vet HCW   de Bie et al developed a function and prognostic score for a patient with a lateral ankle sprain. This can help determine the probably outcome for the patient. The authors are from the Universitiy of Maastricht in The Netherlands   Int J Sports Med.   0.141  
Functional Status Questionnaire (FSQ) / Functional Status Index Jette AM Davies AR   Patient-completed questionnaire designed to provide assessment of physical, psychological, social and role function in ambulatory patients. 34 core items, scored to produce 6 summary scale scores (visual analogue scales with ""warning zones"" to indicate   J Gen Intern Med.   0.153  
Functional Systems Score (FSS) Kurtzke JF. Haber A, LaRocca NG.   The FSS and EDSS constitute one of the oldest and probably the most widely utilized assessment instruments in MS (Kurtzke, 1983). Based on a standard neurological examination, the 7 functional systems (plus "other") are rated. These ratings are then used   Neurology   0.057  
Fussiness Score Emde RM Gauensbauer TJ Harmon RJ. Keefe MR Kotzer AM Froese-Fretz A Yaron M Waldman N   The Fussiness Score was developed by Keefe et al to quantify the level of fussiness shown by infants. Fussiness is the state of irritability shown by an infant without a readily identifiable cause   Arch Pediatr Adolec Med.   0.067  
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