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Publication name Author Description Journal Size (Mb)
Disability Rating Scale unkown   Staff-completed scale based on observation and personal contact. Ability levels in 4 categories (8 items) are scored: arousal, awareness and responsibility; cognitive ability for self-care activities; dependence on others; psychosocial adaptability. The t   unkown   0.008  
Dalhousie Everyday Pain Scale unkown   pain scale   unkown   0.473  
Dallas Pain Questionnaire unkown   Patient-completed 16-item questionnaire assessing functional activity and emotional capacity in chronic spinal pain sufferers. Taken from a cognitive behavioural perspective, scored on visual analogue scales measured from 0-100%, it evaluates 4 aspects of   unkown   0.129  
Danish Prostate Symptom Score (DAN-PSS) Hansen   The DAN-PSS system is a self-administrated quality-of-life questionnaire comprising 12 questions related to voiding problems and the perceived bother related to each individual symptom. The DAN-PSS questionnaire has demonstrated a high degree of construct   unkown   0.072  
DASH (Disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand) Atroshi I Gummesson C Hudak PL Amadio PC Bombardier C.   Patient-completed 30-item questionnaire measuring physical and social function together with symptom impact in upper limb disorders. Also contains optional sport/music and work specific sections. Scoring is through a five-point Likert scale for each quest   Acta Orthop Scand.   0.08  
Disability Index for the General Household Survey Arber S Ginn J. Cheng HS Wang LC.   Arber et al developed a simple disability index for surveying disability in the elderly based on observation of daily life. The index can also be used in othe patient populations including psychiatric patients   Epidemiol Infect.   0.068  
Disease Steps for MS Hohol MJ, Orav EJ, Weiner HL   For Disease Steps, classification of a patient is determined by history and neurologic examination as well as course of MS   Mult Scler.   0.048  
Dizziness Handicap Inventory G.P. Jacobson C.W. Newman,   Patient-completed 25-item questionnaire evaluating the perceived handicapping effects imposed by vestibular disease. Items sub grouped into 3 domains: physical, emotional, functional. Used for systematic history taking, and evaluating the effects of thera   unkown   0.091  
Dougados Functional Index (DFI) unkown   The DFI consists of 20 items assessing the patient's ability to perform distinct daily activities. The questionnaire provides three answer categories to the question 'Can you"; 0 - yes, 1 - yes, but with difficulty, 2 - no. The total score ranges form 0-4   unkown   0.06  
Douleur Enfant Gustave-Roussy (DEGR) Gauvain-Piquard McGrath PJ.   Gauvain-Piquard et al developed a pain scale for children 2-6 years of age. The authors are from Institut Gustave-Roussy in France   Pain   0.074  
Dubowitz Score Dubowitz LMS Dubowitz V Goldberg C.   The score proposed by Dubowitz et al assesses an infant for the apparent gestational age by considering both neurologic and external signs of development   J Pediatr.   0.149  
Duke Activity Status Index Hltaky MA Boineau RE   The Duke Activity Status Index is a self-administered questionnaire that measures a patient's functional capacity. It can be used to get a rough estimate of a patient's peak oxygen uptake.   Am J Cardio.   0.082  
Dystonia scales Burke   dystonia scales from Burke   unkown   0.454  
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